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Cassie Chantel

Cassie Chantel is an award-winning songwriter and recording artist born in Athens, Ga. Known for her multitude of talents, Chantel is also recognized for photography, videography, acting, fashion, and mass communications. Founder of Tribe House Records and Art is Important Magazine, she spends much of her time amplifying the arts, highlighting other creatives in the community, and advocating for change.

Cassie Chantel @ Georgia Theatre

Cassie Chantel Live @ Georgia Theatre: A trip back in time

On June 23rd, 2023 Cassie Chantel performed for the very first time on the Georgia Theatre main stage featuring Julien Berger, Portia Renee Burns, Phil Cruz, Iain Cooke,  Jonathan Webb, and VayKayWorld. This performance was the introduction of a new age of sound from the Hip Hop artist who took this 40-minute set to reintroduce previously released work arranged by Julien Berger and other members of the band.

This performance was created to be a period piece, highlighting Chantel’s love of 1960s Jazz and RNB. From the music to the aesthetic, this performance was an experience you just had to be there for. 

Watch the full set in HD 

The entire performance was captured in high-quality audio and video. Purchase the MP3s or the full video for your collection.  

Cassie Chantel LIVE @ Georgia Theatre

Cassie Chantel LIVE @ Georgia Theatre

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