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Exclusive Services

Being an independent artist is not an easy task but it can be very rewarding if done properly. Whether you need help planning a release, SEO services, playlist placements, Youtube views, and more Tribe House Records is here to help you along your journey. 

Social Media Clean Up/Boost 

Today, Instagram is a living resume for artist. Allow us to review your social media pages, get rid of clutter, provide feedback on how to make it professional, help your engagement and overall get you more organic followers. 



EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit and it's something that professional artist use to obtain higher paying gigs. Why is it important? Well imagine trying to work as an executive for Coca Cola without providing any proof of your work history.  We can also write a bio for you that you can use across the board. View Cassie Chantel's page for an example. 


Tour Planning/Management 

Tour is a hectic but rewarding tool for artist to use to push their new project or single. If you don't plan accordingly, you can find yourself wasting time and money. Accellerate your growth by allowing us to map out the most effective road map that's catered specifically to your art.


Graphic Design/Content Creation

People take you as seriously as the content you showcase to them. If you are like many artist, you don't have the time or the means to create amazing graphics or edit videos. We specialize in providing quality flyers, cover art, video editing and more! Allow our team of experts to produce your next release.


Spotify Playlist placements 

There are so many services offering Spotify placements or streams but how can you tell which ones are authentic? We have vetted playlist for you so you don't have to waste money or risk your account being deleted for bots. 


Youtube promotion/Ads

When you first drop a video your main focus is getting streams but with todays algorithm it is difficult to reach your fans. Spamming your friends and followers only gets you so far but we have solutions for you. Youtube is tricky but we have vetted this process for you so you won't have to waste time or money. Get more views and engagment by allowing us to set up your campaign. 

Let's Work Together

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